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The Fairy Garden Lady

Magical Miniature Fairy Gardens


Saturday, 10/07/23

9am - 2pm

The Fairy Garden Lady Products


Come and join us in the enchanting world of Fairy Gardens. With a little bit of imagination and creativity, we make magic... possible.
Buy one of our pre-made gardens or buy the pieces to create your own... the options are endless.  
Our collection of pieces is never ending and we are adding more each day. If you're not in the mood to create your own, there's no need to worry as we sell multiple scenes of pre-made gardens. There is something for everyone. 
Come out and take a look at one of our local events/markets or message me for a more personalize garden.

Live Fairy Gardens

All of our gardens possess a little bit of magic, but some are even made with real plants, to add a bit more of that magical touch to an already enchanted item.

Frog pond_edited_edited.jpg
Beach Lighthouse  Artificial_edited.jpg

Permanent Fairy Gardens

Sometimes life is a little hectic and we don't have extra time to devote to the beautiful plants. But everyone deserves a little magic in their lives. That's where my permanent or artificial fairy gardens come in. No extra care needed but does come with an extra magical touch!

DIY Kits

 DIY Fairy Garden Kits

Coming soon!

Pink fairy with cat.jpg
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