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The little fairy is enjoying her yard in this "One of a Kind" Live Garden with  Gold Dust  (Codiaeum).  This Croton is from South India and is known and loved for its bright and beautiful foliage. Its green leaves appear to have been dusted by gold, hence its name. It is a slow grower and enoys high indirect light .  Water when soil feels dry (Insert finger up to first knuckle - if soil is dry, water the plant slowly to moisten the soil).  The blue planter is plastic and  is 7"H x 8"Dia.  Perfect size for a place in the lanai, office, or covered porch.  Not suitable for out in the elements.  Product can not be mailed.  Arrangements must be made to either pickup or have local delivery in the Tampa Bay area.

Little Cottage with Shed - Live Fairy Garden

SKU: LG-Small Cottage/Shed
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