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This little fairy is enjoying petting her rabbit in a "One of a Kind" Live Gardenwith NEANTHE BELLA PALM /PARLOR PALM (Chamaedorea Elegans).  The Parlor Palm is native to the rain forests of Mexico and Guatemala.  It is known for its air purifying properties.  Does very well near or at a northern window.  Leaves will burn in direct sunlight.  This blue and white striped ceramic planter is 6"H x 6"Dia.  Parlor Palm is about 7"H and is well established in its container and protected with a layer of moss to keep in moisture.  Perfect size for a place in the lanai or covered porch.  Not suitable for out in the elements.  Product can not be mailed.  Arrangements must be made to either pickup or have local delivery in the Tampa Bay area.

Rest Time in the Garden - Live Fairy Garden

SKU: LG-Parlor Palm
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